Mobile Home Roof Replacement Cost And How To Reduce It

How You Can Reduce The Cost Of Mobile Home Roof Replacement

Mobile home roof replacement cost can be a bit scary. You can, however, do the job yourself and save thousands of dollars. This job isn’t as hard as it sounds and can bring a lot of personal satisfaction as most do-it-yourselfers know. Don’t think, though, that you can do this entire job in one day. It takes at least two days for the adhesive to dry.

Why It Is Cheaper To Do This Job Yourself

One of the main reasons that it costs so much for a contractor to do this roof replacement job can be said in one word..labor. Labor costs are very high for someone else to do the job and there is no guarantee that the job will be done properly or in a timely manner. Doing the job yourself means that you won’t be paying for someone else to take a lunch or do inferior work. You will only be paying for the materials needed. And you can shop around for those to get the best price which a contractor will not do.

Most of the time, these materials can be found at your local hardware store or mobile home parts place. You can also check online to see if you might get a better price that way. Set aside at least three days when there is no rain forecast because it has to be dry weather to do this job.

An extension ladder is necessary to reach the roof of your mobile home. Then you will need to sweep the entire roof to free it from any debris and dirt. Next, grab a bucket of soapy water to scrub the roof clean and rinse with a hose. Let the roof completely dry. Then place your insulation across the length of the roof. Trim the excess then secure the insulation with duct tape. You will need a drill to secure this insulation further with three inch sheet metal screws and washers made from neoprene.

The next step is to place 1 x 4 inch strips of wood in a lengthwise fashion from end to end of the across the entire length of the roof. These will need to be a distance of two feet from each other. Find the roof rafters and draw chalk lines across the insulation and wood strips so that you will be able to find them in the next step. Grab your drill again and some 3 ½ inch deck screws, using neoprene washers, to fasten the wood strips to these rafters.

After you measure the roof use a circular saw to cut the roofing material. Remember to allow for overhang on the sides. This first sheet should be flush with the roof’s end with a four inch overhang. You’re almost done. Now you will need to insert the closure strips into all ends of the metal. Use your drill to secure this with 3 ½ inch deck screws and adhere the metal to the strips of wood.

Cut appropriate sized holes for vents and other attachments. After you replace the vent boots, seal these with rubber cement. Put gables at each end of your roof drilling three and a half inch deck screws on the top and bottom of these spacing them twelve inches apart.

The last step is to cover the roofing material with a sealant coating which will further insulate your roof. Although this sounds like a lot of work, you can see how you can save on your mobile home roof replacement costs.

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