When do you need the roof replacement

How to decide that you need a roof replacement?

It is important to check regularly your roof to ensure that you do the roof replacement as soon as it is needed. If you want to inspect your roof on regular basis, you have to begin by knowing what you need to inspect in the first place. The most important time to do the inspection is during the fall and the spring. You have to begin by using a flashlight and to go to inspect the attic.

In the attic, you have to look for the following thing:

  • Check if there is any light from outside that pass in the roof.
  • Check if there are any dark trails or spots.
  • Look for any sign for leaking or water damage.
  • Look for the places where the roof may be sagging.

While checking the roof from outside, you will have to pay the attention for other things that may have been damaged such as algae growth, rotting, buckling, blistering, curling, and missing shingles. You have to inspect the roof visually to look for the missing shingles, bald, torn and cracked shingles. You have to check if the roof is getting worn out around some penetration such as pipes, vents, and chimneys.

Do regular check-up for your roof  

You have to be on the lookout for the excessive amount for the shingle granules found in the gutters. While checking, you should also to see if there is no sign of the mold, rot or moisture on the roof. The water can travel from the shingles to the lowest spot when it is dripping.

If there is any problem with water, the mold, bacteria, and fungi can develop. Check the drainage system to ensure that the downspouts and the gutters are secured in the area. You have also to ensure that if the drains systems are always open so that the water can exit. The downspouts and the gutters should always be free from all the debris.

The roof replacement will also depend on the type of the material used for making the roof. If the roof is made from cedar, it can fall apart and it can split during the dry climates. During moist climate, it will be mossy. You may need to do the replacement after 20 years.

If your roof uses tiles, you have to be on the lookout of the cracked and broken tiles. The roof made from tiles can take up to 100 years but sometime an individual tile may break and the roof replacement should be done for that individual tile alone. If your roof is made of the concrete, then you will never have to replace it.

If a roof has been damaged, it does not mean that it has to be changed completely. You do not have to wait until the last minute to begin to do the replacement on your roof. You can protect your own home by checking every problem that your roof may be suffering from.

Remember that your roof is used to keep your family safe so make sure that the roof replacement is done at the right time to avoid any problem of rain, lightning, and snow into your home.

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