Mobile Home Roof Coatings And What They Do

What Mobile Home Roof Coatings Are Made Of

A white roof coating is one of the best ways to cool off the inside of your mobile home. These mobile home roof coatings are made from an elastomeric compound and will cut your electric bills in half. This coating is simplicity itself to apply.

Many who own mobile homes apply this on a regular basis to their roofs especially in the southern states where the heat can get unbearable. This coating also increases the life of your mobile home roof as well as making the roof watertight.

This can be done as needed or as soon as you want and most people notice the drop in temperature in their mobile homes immediately. This coating can drop your electric bill by at least fifty bucks each month.

How To Apply This Type Of Roof Coating

These roof coatings are applied with a paint roller in the same way as the more traditional mobile home coatings. This type of roof coating, however, is far superior because of its cooling qualities. This is because they reflect the heat instead of absorbing it.

They can also release this heat much faster as well. The roof needs to be cleaned with soap and water to make sure that the coating will stick better. Also, any of the previous coatings need to be removed with a scraper. Do the coating on a rainless day since it has a water based and will wash off if it rains before the coating has had a chance to totally dry.

The most important thing to remember though when applying this roof coating is to follow the directions carefully.  You will become very spoiled to the cooler interior of your home once you have this coating on your roof and it will be the only roof coating that you will ever want. You will greatly appreciate the lower utility bills as well.

Not all of these white roof coatings are the same though so read the ingredients carefully. Some of these are of a lower quality and some are a bit more expensive than others. Having the best reflective mobile home roof coating is important during the summer months when the air conditioner is running full time.

This coating is also good in that it adheres to almost any pre-existing coating. The deciding factor on the price of the coating depends mostly on how much aluminum is added to each container which usually holds at least five gallons. This is why the coating needs to be constantly mixed with a paint stick while you are applying it so that it will stick when applied.

If you wind up with a large amount of aluminum at the bottom of the container when you are done, then you didn’t stir it enough. Regular aluminum asphalt coatings only reflect 60% of the solar heat that is bearing down on the roof but over time as dust collects it only reflects 40% of solar heat.

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