Mobile Home Roofing And Why It Is Important

Why Upkeep On Mobile Home Roofing Is So Important

After a few years of owning a mobile home, you are going to eventually have to do some upkeep on the mobile home roofing such as repairs, an overlay, reapplying coating, or even totally replacing the entire roof.

Keeping your mobile home roof in good condition not only keeps your electric bills lower but it also protects your furniture and valuable possessions safe from the elements. Even the smallest of leaks can create thousands of dollars in damage very quickly.

If you get a contractor to do these roof repairs or replacements, it could cost many thousands of dollars. This is why most people who are physically able to do the work themselves. This saves the money that would go towards labor costs.

What Goes Into Maintaining These Types Of Roofs

The actual upkeep on these types of roofs is actually pretty simple. The roof has to be swept off and will need to be kept clean with soap and water at least twice a year. This is when most people check for any leaks or damage. Debris can be blown onto the roof during inclement weather and puncture a roof. If a really large limb hits the roof a tarp will be needed until repairs can be done.

There are mobile home parts places which carry the roof repair kits that you will need. These kits include everything including the screws, roofing membrane material, and more. The type of roofing membrane material that is included will depend on what kind of roof that you have, either EPDM or reinforced thermoplastic.

Prices on these kits depend on what size you will need. And prices may vary from store to store so do some price comparisons to save as much as you can on these kits. Of course, if you are lucky, you will only need small repairs. When that is the case, save the leftover repair material for another time.

The worst case would be if you had to totally replace your mobile home roof and even that isn’t as hard as it sounds. You can find videos on how to do this work yourself and save a bunch of money. Most people can’t afford the costs of a contractor and doing the work themselves gives them great pride in a job done with their own two hands.

Adding a white roof sealant coating at regular intervals can save money as well. These sealants can dramatically reduce electricity costs by reflecting more heat than the standard roof coatings. The difference is noticeable on the first day that it is applied.

In southern states where the temperatures can reach one hundred degrees or more during the day, this is a vital necessity to mobile home owners. This is especially true if there is not a lot of natural shade during the daytime hours.

Even refrigerators work harder if the indoor temperature is too hot. So this adds an extra burden of cost. Cooling comfort is only a couple of hours away by applying a white roof coating because this not only reflects more heat but adds extra insulation to the roof of the mobile home. Taking care of mobile home roofing can save you a lot of money and misery during the summer months.

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