How To Do A Mobile Home Furnace Replacement

Why Would You Do A Mobile Home Furnace Replacement

Mobile home furnace replacement is a little different than replacing a furnace in a more traditional house. That is because the ductwork is much smaller for this type of furnace. This means that the usual size and type of furnace cannot be a replacement for a mobile home furnace. It’s all about the air flow. There has to be a certain design of fan for the air to flow from the furnace and be dispersed through the mobile home correctly. If you do not install your furnace replacement in the right way, it could lead to a disaster.

What Is Involved In This Type of Furnace Replacement

mobile home furnace

There are a couple of points that have to be thought about when you are looking for a new furnace for a mobile home. Be sure that the make and model of furnace that you are considering are the proper types for the mobile home. These have to match in order for the furnace to work correctly.

The size of the ducts for the air flow to go through is also important as is space where the furnace is located as well as the corners of your house. Because how the furnace is installed is critical, you might want to get a professional to do it for you. This is not a job for the do it yourself type person. It could be too dangerous.

The furnaces for a mobile home have unique features that make them the appropriate choice for such homes. These have fans that are designed just for a mobile home’s design to provide efficient distribution of heat. The actual door for accessing the heater has special vents built in to supply air to the blower. The filters are usually in the access door or sometimes they are in the front of the furnace itself. The thermostat will have wires which are connected to a control panel at the side of the furnace.

These furnaces usually work well for ten to thirty years if they are kept up in good running condition. When these furnaces do get worn out over time, or haven’t been maintained properly, they could still last a minimum of ten years. However, it is very important that any repairs that need to be made be taken care of as soon as possible to keep a fire or even an explosion from happening. If the furnace runs on gas, the lines should be cleaned at least once a year. If these lines become dented or clogged up, the gas build-up could cause an explosion or the gas will not flow through the lines properly which means that the pilot light will be difficult or impossible to be lit. Clogged or dented gas lines need to be cleaned or replaced immediately.

Filters should be changed at regular intervals in order for the air flow to the blower to be clear. If you maintain your furnace properly you will not need to do a mobile home furnace replacement for many years. 

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