Mobile Home Repair Parts And How You Can Find Them

Where To Start Looking For Mobile Home Repair Parts

When you start to do repairs around your mobile home, then you might need some mobile home repair parts. So, where do you start looking for these parts? One simple option is to look online to see if you can find a place near your home which carries the parts that you will need. You can call them and if they do not have the part at the store location, find out if they can order the part for you and how long it will take for the part to come in.

Some of these parts may be very different from the same part for a regular home. This is because most mobile homes use PVC pipes for plumbing. The entire water and septic system will probably be made of both PVC pipes and PVC fittings. These do not rust or clog up as bad as metal pipes do. However, they do require a special waterproof PVC glue.

What Parts A Mobile Home Might Need

When you shop for the repair parts that you will need, you will have to make about the same type of shopping list for these parts as you would for a regular home. Nuts, bolts, caulking are mostly the same anywhere. But there will sometimes be certain specialty items that you will need such as roofing materials and roof coatings, windows will be different in size than a regular home and the flooring might be different too. Of course, some people use the same type of flooring and countertops that you would find in a mobile home because they are easier to care for that, for instance, ceramic tile.

In recent years, construction of mobile homes had definitely improved and real hardwood floors are more common now than in past years. So if you are doing improvements on an older mobile home you might consider this because hardwood floors last much longer. You will have to first check for any damage on the support beams underneath first and replace or fix these if necessary. If you are replacing your faucets and kitchen or bathroom pipes, be sure to check for any water damage to the flooring so that you can fix that first.

Water leaks in the bathroom can mean a tub falling through the flooring to the ground underneath. Checking the flooring underneath the mobile home can prevent a terrifying accident. In fact, metal pipes are being phased out for the most part even in traditional homes since the plastic pipes and couplings are so much cheaper in cost. But, like shopping for anything else, you should call around and get different prices on the mobile home parts that you need because prices do vary from place to place. The parts that are most commonly bought for mobile homes are plumbing pipes, plumbing connections for the pipes and gas connections. Sometimes electrical parts might also be needed.

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