Mobile Home Roof Leaks And How To Repair Them

The Importance Of Repairing Mobile Home Roof Leaks Quickly

If you notice drip marks on your walls or are seeing moisture on the paneling of your mobile home, then chances are that you need to check for mobile home roof leaks. These leaks could be minor at first but can become very serious later on. So it’s best to fix them quickly and correctly.

These repairs can be simple to do yourself and will be a lot cheaper this way. It will take a few days though so be sure to set aside enough time to do the repairs. The adhesive takes at least one or two days to dry completely

How Difficult Are These Repairs To Do

This type of roof repair can be quite inexpensive compared to getting a contractor to do the repairs. The kits, depending on what size you need, can cost at the most 3 thousand dollars but you won’t have to pay any of the labor costs that you would run into with a contractor.

First, you will need an extension ladder to get up on the roof. The roof must be swept completely clean first in order to find the leaks. Once you see where the leaks are, take the repair cement and fill these cracks and holes. This acts as a paste to fill the damaged spots. But if the cracks are very large then fiberglass filler is called for. This not only fills the damaged areas but reinforces it as well. Allow at least one day for this material to dry.

Next, you will need to apply some sort of roof coating. There are many types of this coating but the one that works best is white elastomeric coating. This will help to insulate your roof and will cool off the inside of the mobile home as well.

Allow a couple of days for the coating to dry. Always pick a time to do these repairs when there is no inclement weather in the forecast. You don’t want it to start raining before you get everything done. If you don’t get these repairs done as quickly as possible, it can ruin the entire interior of the mobile home. Mildew and mold will start to form and that causes dangerous health problems. These fungi can destroy curtains, furniture, carpeting, and clothing.

Mobile homes are very comfortable and safe, but when the roof starts to have leaking problems, then the roof can collapse and this is dangerous. So keeping your mobile home roof in good shape is very important. These leaks are usually caused by tree limbs or flying debris was thrown onto the roof by storms.

Once you have your mobile home roof leaks repaired, you can look at it with a sense of pride in knowing that you did the work yourself and that you did it cheaper than a contractor would. Why would you want anyone else doing this type of work on your home when you can do it yourself much cheaper.

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