Mobile Home Roof Replacement Cost

What Affects Mobile Home Roof Replacement Cost

When it is time to replace the roof on your mobile home, then the mobile home roof replacement cost becomes a concern. The cost of these roof replacements depends on whether or not you decide to do the work yourself. From material costs to labor costs, you get by much cheaper doing these repairs yourself. If you do get a contractor to do this work for you, get ready to part with thousands of dollars.

Home Roof Replacement Isn’t That Hard

When you get a company to replace your mobile home roof, most of the money charged is for labor costs. This is money that will not be spent if you do the work yourself. There are roof replacement kits and the cost of these will depend on the size of your roof, but they are still fairly reasonable in price. These repair kits cost anywhere from a little over fourteen hundred dollars to almost three thousand dollars, depending on the size of the mobile home roof, but you will be saving all of the labor costs.

How cheap you are able to get by with on these repairs depends upon how many work tools you already own. For instance, you will need a skill saw. Buying it new doesn’t make any sense when you can get one really cheap at a pawn shop. Just make that it works and you save over a hundred dollars immediately. An extension ladder is another thing that you will need before you try to start because you have to be able to climb on top of the roof.

Once you have these tools and the roof replacement kit you are ready to start. But you need to clean the roof first to see what you are doing. There are screws to be removed. Putting these into a small container is always a good idea to keep from losing them. Taking the roof off in sections is much easier and more organized than just taking bits and pieces off. It will go much faster this way too. Once you get this taken off, you will need to check the wood underneath for any damage. If there is extensive damage, the wood will need replacing. If it is only a small crack or hole, this can be patched with wood cement. Let this dry for a day before proceeding.

The easiest and cheapest roof replacement material is the EPDM roofing material. This comes in a solid sheet which can then be cut to fit vent holes where necessary. Use a neoprene based rubber cement to seal around the vents after the adhesive on the mobile home roof has dried for at least 2 days. When you are doing the roof, you will also have to make gables at the ends of the roof. You will use 3 ½ deck screws and drill them into the roof every foot.  Once all of this work is done you might want to put a coat or two of roof coating to help insulate the roof. This is especially true if you have a metal roof.

It sounds like a lot of work doing this yourself, but it really is the best way to cut the mobile home roof replacement cost. It’s always nice to look back at your work and know that you did it yourself much cheaper.

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