What Is A Mobile Home Roof Overlay

What Purpose Does A Mobile Home Roof Overlay Serve

When your mobile home needs repairs, you might want to do a mobile home roof overlay. Don’t be surprised if you don’t recognize this term because it’s just another name for a mobile home roof repair kit. These are simplicity itself to use and, if you don’t procrastinate about doing the repairs, can save a lot of internal damage from happening.

Of course, you will have to sweep and wash the top of your mobile home roof first. Let it dry completely before doing anything else. Next, you will need to look closely at the seams to see if they are damaged too. Take a wire brush and remove any sealant or debris that you find there. Taking off the old glue will make the new glue stick much better.

How To Lay The New Roofing Membrane

You will need the measurements of your roof before you lay out the new membrane. This roof membrane will have to lay out for at least thirty minutes in order for it to get soft and stay flat when you apply it.

Use a utility knife to cut the roofing membrane according to the measurements that you took earlier. Place the first piece of membrane on the roof and move it around until the edges of the new membrane meet with the edges of the older membrane. Next, cut holes which will fit the vents or other roof additions.

Read the directions for the roofing glue that you will be using and mix it accordingly. Gently lift both sides of the new membrane and spread the glue down the sides and in the middle using a regular paint brush. Repeat this until the entire membrane is done. Use a roller that has weights to smooth the membrane and remove any air bubbles.

This glue takes at least one day to dry depending on how hot it is outside at the time. Once it is dry, you can go over the membrane with a coat of white insulating liquid. This will help your roof to reflect heat better.

You have now completed your overlay job. As you can see, the labor hours can be extended with contractors and can cost an absolute fortune. You save so much by doing this job yourself and if you have any materials left over, you can save them for any repair jobs on your roof in the future.

When you do your own mobile home roof overlay, you not only save money but you make sure that the job is done correctly.  Contractors usually have more than one job to do daily but when you do your own work, it gets your undivided attention. You will also not have to worry about one of the workers falling off your roof and getting hurt. Just make sure that there is no rain forecast for at least three days to give the glue plenty of drying time. 

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